Google Business Photos

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What’s Included with the Service:

  • A Virtual Tour of your Business with 360 Degree Panoramic Photos which provide a walk through experience for your customers. The virtual tour will be added to your Google Places page which appears in Google Search results and on Google Maps.
  • Once your virtual tour is complete you will be able to add it on your own Website and Facebook for FREE!
  • 10 to 15 Points of Interest Photos will be added to your Google Places Page, which shows up in Google search results and Google maps (see below for details).
  • All the images taken will be owned by the business and can be used for any promotional or display purposes. You will receive them on CD/DVD after the virtual tour is complete and made live on Google.

In addition to the Virtual Tour, Google Street View for Businesses also includes the following professional still photos:

  • Storefront (a nice wide angle view of your storefront)
  • Close-up of your Business name (your sign or a printed business logo)
  • Business Address
  • Hours of operation sign
  • Wide angle shot from a doorway looking into the business
  • Wide angle shot from the back of the business looking toward the main entrance
  • Close-up of your Business card
  • Close-ups of your menu (all pages!)
  • The type of payments you take
  • Endorsements / Awards (optional)
  • Artifacts (sculptures, portraits, paintings, unusual design features, etc.)
  • Attractive features (prepared food/drinks, merchandise, table settings in restaurants, and/or business decor, etc.)

Benefits of Google Street View for Businesses and how they help your Business!

  • Brings your business listing to life with a 360-degree, interactive Virtual Tour
  • Provides you with Professional Point of Interest photographs of your business
  • Enhances your Google Places listing, Google Search results, and the way your Business appears on Google Maps
  • You can easily include the virtual tour and images on your website and social media to give customers an interactive look inside your business location
  • Allow customers to “visit your business” before they VIST your business!
  • A low cost way of have a virtual tour on your Google Places page, own website and social media.
  • Stand out against your competitors and offer your customers/potential customers that something extra.

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Requirements to Schedule a Photo Session

  • You must have a Google Places Page but don’t worry you can set one up here for FREE here: And of course your own website if you’d love another way to show off this new exciting feature. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a website or yours might be out of date, we know some fantastic web designers who know how to help maximise your website with these new exciting features. Just ask for details.