Photography training in Wolverhampton

Have you recently had a new digital camera but although you love it, find it hard to understand all it can offer in simple terms? Don’t worry, Ableaf Studio offer photography training where you will be shown the basics of photography and how your camera could work for you. These range from ISO speeds (how sensitive your camera is to light), shutter speeds (how quick your camera can capture motion) and anything else your camera could offer. Whether you have a simple compact digital camera or the larger SLR type camera, don’t worry we can help.

As we love our photography we’ll ensure you walk away with a much better understanding of your own camera and also some of the important parts of photography in general. With the training being a one to one session, you’ll know you have complete focus (excuse the pun!) on you, your camera and your level of photography understanding.

This is the perfect way to get those photos you wished you could without having to use Auto mode every time on your camera and hoping for the best. Now you will have the control and confidence to get those amazing photos.

Book your photography training today.

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